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Our Web Medical solution is more than a simple scheduling tool; it's a robust system that strengthens your clinic and ensures a seamless experience designed for both doctors and patients.


Patient Portal

Empower patients by providing them with the capability to conveniently book their appointments, access and review past medical encounters and reports, and seamlessly participate in video meetings, all through their personalized patient portal.

Appointment Booking and Management

Our intuitive interface allows patients to easily find available time slots and schedule their appointments in minutes.

Visits History and Reports

Patients can conveniently access their medical history and past reports via the patient portal. Empower them to monitor visit history, view doctor notes, observations, and prescriptions on a user-friendly dashboard. This feature boosts patient engagement, promotes transparency, and fortifies doctor-patient relationships.

Virtual Consultations

Enable patients to participate in video meetings directly from the Patient Portal. This functionality is particularly beneficial for patients unable to visit your clinic in person, offering them access to high-quality healthcare from the convenience of their own home.

Medical/Lab Reports

Enable patients to upload their lab reports to encounters via the Patient Portal. This functionality minimizes information loss risks, upholds data integrity, and streamlines workflow efficiency.

Online Payments

Encounters Management

Easily assess patients as a doctor by swiftly recording notes, observations, and prescriptions through an intuitive dashboard during patient encounters.

Note Patient Problems

Record all patient complaints during encounters to ensure patient safety and risk management.

Save Doctor Observations

Evaluate patients, save symptoms, recommendations, and notes in the encounter management for patient safety and risk management.


Easily enter patient prescriptions during encounters and email them with one click for patient risk management.


The system incorporates a robust patient alerts and notifications feature, delivering essential alerts and reminders to users like patients, doctors, and admins via emails, SMS, and WhatsApp.


Moreover, notification templates for emails and SMS can be customized for different alerts sent to patients and doctors through the system’s extensive clinical notification service.


Effortlessly oversee multiple clinics with a unified system equipped to manage various branches. Simplify the process by instantly adding clinics, assigning doctors, and scheduling appointments with role-specific access for doctors, clinic admins, and receptionists. Efficiently organize doctors’ schedules per clinic based on availability.

Streamline appointment booking across all clinics on the same website using the multi-clinic management feature. Access detailed reports per clinic, including revenue and patient totals, to facilitate decision-making.

Telemed Solution

Go Fully Virtual with our Telemed Solution, enabling hassle-free video consultations on Zoom or Google Meet and remote patient management features. Choose the platform that suits you best and quickly set up your practice, with access to all features during your free trial. Experience Telemedicine with Zoom Integration and Google Meet Integration seamlessly.

Mobile App

Our medical solution offers a branded mobile app for clinic management on Android and iOS.

Fully Responsive & Retina Ready

Our medical clinic and patient management system ensures an optimal viewing experience on various devices, including desktop computers, laptops, tablets, and smartphones. Whether accessed from a desktop or a mobile device, our platform provides a seamless and user-friendly interface for both healthcare providers and patients.

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