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    November 2019

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caprice organic

For nearly a decade, CH Export Srl has been devoted to providing the United States with top-notch fruit products from the Dominican Republic. Their meticulous production and packaging systems ensure that the customer receives freshness and flavor in each bite. Make your tastebuds come alive by savoring their exquisite fruit selections today!

The birth of the Caprice Organic brand in 2016 responded to customer demand for all-natural, pure organic products. Their goal is to provide fruit and other items that remain moisturized, colorless, and free from preservatives while keeping their original properties intact - it’s simply ‘pure organic’!


From its tropical origins, the mango was essential to reach a global market and open up opportunities for those where such an exotic fruit is harder to come by. With their 100% organic product, customers could expect unbeatable freshness that stays consistent from origin all the way through until it arrives at home.

Intending to connect with people emotionally, we crafted a graphic identity that emphasizes their brand's foundations. This will make consumers feel part of something special when they purchase a product in supermarkets and grocery stores - allowing us to be recognized as a trusted global company.

logo design

To ensure success, it was crucial to develop a brand that would resonate with its audience. Every design element- from the vectors and typography to color selection- was carefully considered to capture a company's vision effectively. Therefore, we began by focusing on crafting this unique aesthetic identity from the ground up.


Logo Inspiration

We used fruit as our muse to create an implicit isotype using the letter C. A leaf was added at the top of the character to finish this masterpiece for extra flair!

By adding a bright, vibrant splash to the Organic label, we demonstrate just how fresh and juicy the product is - ensuring that each user can experience its original flavor in premium form.

Typography Selection

Komika Axis

A stylized typography adds an extra dimension to the logo, ensuring it remains bold and memorable without compromising legibility or impact — creating a unique visual that stands out compared to competitors.


Our quest to find the perfect typeface for digital and printed media was intense. But ultimately, we chose one that combined versatility with maximum impact - ensuring our message would carry through in any environment.

Color Selection

We chose yellow and green as the brand's signature colors to maintain the same trend. We wanted consumers to be able to create an immediate connection with a product when they saw these hues. This was instrumental in helping us properly position Caprice Organic in the market.


With a bold, captivating design already in place, the challenge shifted to creating consumer-friendly packaging that would uphold its visual appeal and keep goods fresh until their expiration. Ultimately we sought to craft an impactful aesthetic for store shelves while prioritizing product preservation.

By carefully considering a product's packaging, shelf space, and production quality, we provide consumers with trustworthy items to fulfill their day-to-day needs. Each product includes a nutritional table as well as shipping & expiration dates, plus barcodes for added convenience.


Mango Nectar

Caprice Organic Mango nectar is accessible and breezy and made with natural mangos from an organic farm. The mangos are specially selected for their sweet juicy flavor. The sun-ripened mangos come to please your taste buds. The delicious flavor and fragrant aroma make the nectar appetizing and healthy. Experience the natural taste and convenience of Caprice Organic Mango nectar.

Mango Chunks

Caprice harvests mangoes during the peak season to ensure you get quality fruits available. Each delicate piece is washed, finely cut, and ready to eat. Mango chunks come ripe and ready to eat or share for a healthy snack. It comes prepared so you can enjoy the taste straight away without the inconvenience of having to make it yourself. You can enjoy it on its own or with yogurt for a perfect breakfast occasion. Mango Chunks are ideal for topping, baking, or fruit salads.

Web Design

A website was created to advertise the brand and provide consumers worldwide with convenient access to products not commonly available in many countries to expand its reach. The goal is to extend international market share while increasing imports of this unique fruit.

The created platform allows users to access the website effortlessly and conveniently, regardless of device or browser. We take accessibility seriously, so everyone can enjoy a frictionless experience when browsing our content.


Based on CMS Joomla!

To provide the client with a professional website quickly and reduce production costs, we have chosen Joomla! as our content management system. This user-friendly platform enabled us to swiftly create an attractive, reliable site without sacrificing quality or budget.

Joomla's open-source structure allows companies to reap the rewards of a no-cost license, providing lasting savings that can be reinvested in other areas.



We embraced each challenge with enthusiasm and commitment, ultimately delivering a project that achieved the client's dreams. Our efforts stayed true to their original vision for success; we met every deadline while giving them a contemporary identity that was sure to resonate among customers.

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