El Seibo Resiliente


    El Seibo Resiliente

  • Components

    Website | UI Design

  • Date

    March 2021

  • duration

    8 Weeks

  • tools



To equip El Seibo's communities against the ever-changing environment, El Seibo Resiliente is a groundbreaking project of the Dominican Republic Ministry of Environment to foster nature-based solutions. The innovative project seeks to restore and safeguard ecosystems to build greater resilience towards climate disruption and natural disasters.

El Seibo, a locale in the Dominican Republic feeling climate change's full force, will soon benefit from an implementation planned to help both its communities and economic sectors. Agriculture fundamentals like livestock, fisheries, and tourism are all about to experience life-changing improvements thanks to this timely action!


Climate change is a dangerous reality with the potential for immense destruction, but the positive impact this project can have to restore and preserve our environment should not be underestimated. We strive to demonstrate both in an engaging yet minimalist graphic form that communicates its urgency while providing hope for recovery.

We embraced the challenge of complying with NORTIC's web portal standards and transparency criteria for Dominican State Agencies, pushing ourselves to optimize project execution times to implement this vital initiative quickly.

ui design

Our team needed to prioritize information and streamline the project's final delivery. We drew on usability principles, interactive user experiences, and attractive branding elements to effectively design its information architecture.


UI Design

With Figma, the client can access a comprehensive design platform directly from their browser. This ensures an efficient workflow during revisions and collaboration between both parties with all the necessary tools for each phase of development.

Our team crafted a unique style that flawlessly matched the client's graphical representation of their project. By weaving design and user experience together, we ensured that the customer maintained an unerringly consistent look while staying true to who they are as an organization.

Responsive Design

Today's mobile traffic is surging, so we crafted a design that guarantees an optimal user experience no matter which device or browser they're using.

To bring everyone together in the fight against climate change, we've tailored our design to suit every user who wants their voice heard.

Web Design


With the UI/UX Design finalized, we got to work on developing the website quickly and efficiently. We ensured all complements were in place for a successful platform creation process, tackling any challenges along the way with speed and precision.


We had ambitious expectations to make this environmental initiative a reality. By utilizing powerful tools and plugins, we optimized the website design and development processes and successfully met the demands of this governmental project.

Elementor Page-Builder

With its renowned reputation as one of the leading website builders on WordPress, it's no surprise that this tool has become a go-to for crafting user interfaces and experiences with a captivating design. It helped to provide users with compelling visuals like photos and videos to help spread awareness about our environment - transforming how we perceive the planet.


el seibo resiliente

We strongly believe in the power of preservation when it comes to preserving our environment. Therefore, we are dedicated to meeting and exceeding expectations with this project. This website will educate people on why climate change is so significant and how El Seibo needs protection!


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José Mosquera
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