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    Motion Graphics

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    Motion Graphics | Character Design

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    June 2022

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    6 Months

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DR Department of Environment and Natural Resources

The global REDD+ program is an international effort to reduce emissions from deforestation and forest degradation that began in 2008. It is a collaborative approach between governments, civil society, the private sector, and indigenous peoples to develop strategies for creating financial incentives for reducing deforestation and forest degradation emissions. The program has been adopted by over 60 countries worldwide.

The REDD+ Dominican Republic program is aimed to implement various measures to achieve this goal, including capacity-building initiatives on best practices in forestry management.


We were challenged to create a powerful impact by producing an audio-visual project that captured potential supporters' attention and interest, such as land and forest owners and farmers. To Inspire them to plant trees with the guidance of experts who study the best options for mutual benefits and the preservation of the environment.

We had to tell a story that mattered. This project will showcase the impact of deforestation and the crucial need for more trees to preserve our country's environment. We had to inspire to perform a change that benefits all through captivating reports, animations, and resources. Join us on this journey for a brighter future.

We wholeheartedly identify ourselves with this initiative and have dedicated all our effort, expertise, and human talent to fulfill every requirement to propel this cause nationwide. Our contribution represents a genuine commitment to driving meaningful change for the future of our planet.


To kick-start our project, we needed to create a script that conveyed its purpose. We opted for a straightforward and uncomplicated style that could resonate with individuals of all levels of expertise on the subject matter. Our dialogue aimed to connect directly with each listener, making them feel invested in the initiative. Let's bring this vision to life.


Script Writing

Ensuring that every animation perfectly conveyed its intended message was at the forefront of our mission. We developed a series of visual vignettes to simplify and illustrate all the essential elements of creating top-tier audiovisual content. Our attention to detail guarantees nothing but excellence.

Our mission was to produce interactive videos that captured the attention and remained engaging for the audience. While doing so, we ensure that the fundamental principles of the program are not compromised and emphasize the importance of its implementation nationwide. No longer will learning be dull or unappealing for our targeted viewers.


Our approach was to break down the project into bite-sized pieces, each with a clear objective and designated timeframe. This allowed us to communicate each point succinctly and effectively, making it easy to follow along. Let us show you how straightforward our presentation can be.

That's how we crafted an engaging, interactive video that steers clear of jargon to make it relatable to all audiences. We also optimized processes, saving time and resources for multi-platform broadcasting on radio, TV, or online platforms.

Audio & Sound Effects

Our next challenge was to improve our audio by establishing a voice that could truly connect with our audience. Inspired by the hardworking agricultural producers and everyday citizens, we incorporated an accent that adds a personal touch to our technical concepts and communicates them in a more straightforward, more accessible way.


Audio with Adobe Audition

This software gave us the perfect platform to bring our project ideas to life. With its powerful tools, we were able to seamlessly connect the highest quality sound effects to represent the pivotal moments in every scene.

Our goal was to ensure that neither the music nor any audio effects would overpower the message we aimed to convey. To achieve this, we rigorously tested every resource we used during countless hours of recording and production.


With a solid audio foundation, it was time to bring our project to life by creating characters. Our goal was to accurately capture the essence of the Dominican Republic, showcasing the unique traits and qualities that define its citizens. We hoped to grab attention and make a real impact through this initiative.



Our assignment was to design animated characters for REDD+ RD that resembled the hosts of an existing educational video series. We researched the video series hosts' behavior and appearance to ensure our characters were authentic and captivating.

By carefully copying these characteristics, we seamlessly transitioned between the video and animation series, providing viewers with a consistent and immersive experience.


Our goal was to make sure that the characters' gestures were as lifelike as possible, so we closely observed the behavior and mannerisms of the video series hosts. We studied how they moved and talked, capturing all the subtle changes in their body language.

We also paid special attention to facial expressions throughout this process. To ensure that every detail was correct, we recorded different phrases from the hosts – ranging from smiles to frowns – and used those recordings as reference material for our animators.


We started with motion graphics after completing the characters and plot writing. We worked closely with the project's stakeholders to ensure that all their objectives were met and that the overall message resonated with viewers.

motion graphic


We began by importing pre-existing music and sound effects to tie in with our visuals before utilizing After Effects' animation tools to create dynamic motion graphics. These unique animations helped accentuate critical points of the content while also providing an energetic flow to the piece.

Why After Effects?

It is a potent tool for creating motion graphics projects, and it provides us with a wide range of features and tools to create unique and engaging visuals.

Adobe After Effects also allows us to add music and sound effects, which helps tie all of the visuals together into a cohesive piece.


redd +

Taking on a challenging project is always an exciting opportunity for our agency. In the case of this particular project, the execution was especially demanding, requiring us to bring together a wide range of skills and knowledge. But we were up for the challenge and put our best minds to work, striving to deliver a final product that would exceed our client's expectations. And we succeeded!


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Milena Mercedes
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